Little Leaf Design Co. was born out of a dedication to merge two passions into one. I am a graphic designer with almost a decade of experience and I enjoy teaching yoga in my free time. 

Lifestyle and Wellness Entrepreneurs need someone to design their brand that understands their needs, knows their ideal customer, and is familiar with their niche. Little Leaf Design Co. has years of experience in the wellness industry, design industry, and has owned small businesses. 

Kaitlin – Owner and Solopreneur

Hi! I am Kaitlin. I am a mother, wife, illustrator and coffee addict! I have lived in Colorado all my life, which has allowed to me explore all that nature has to offer, which includes bird watching, outdoor yoga, and hiking.

I have loved art and design all my life. From illustrations to children’s books to drawing with my cousin for hours growing up I developed a true passion. My childhood was filled with creating Zine’s for my friends and starting up my own candle company called Bug’s Lightning.

My passion for design led me to attend University of Northern Colorado for Graphic Design and work with agencies in Northern Colorado for the past nine years. 

I love bringing elements of nature into my work to ground and authenticate your brand. We will work together to create a brand that is trustworthy and allows your ideal customer to trust and value your business.